Accuracy Analysis of Velocity and Water Depth Measurement in the Straight Channel using ADCP
ADCP를 이용한 직선 하천의 유속 및 수심 측정 정확도 분석

Jongmin Kim, Dongsu Kim, Geunsoo Son, Seojun Kim
2015 Journal of Korea Water Resources Association  
ADCPs have been highlighted so far for measuring steramflow discharge in terms of their high-order of accuracy, relatively low cost and less field operators driven by their easy in-situ operation. While ADCPs become increasingly dominant in hydrometric area, their actual measurement accuracy for velocity and bathymetry measurement has not been sufficiently validated due to the lack of reliable bench-mark data, and subsequently there are still many uncertain aspects for using ADCPs in the field.
more » ... This research aimed at analyzing inter-comparison results between ADCP measurements with respect to the detailed ADV measurement in a specified field environment. Overall, 184 ADV points were collected for densely designed grids for the given cross-section that has 6 m of width, 1 m of depth, and 0.7 m/s of averaged mean flow velocity. Concurrently, ADCP fixed-points measurements were conducted for each 0.2 m and 0.02 m of horizontal and vertical spacing respectively. The inter-comparison results indicated that ADCP matched ADV velocity very accurately for 0.4∼0.8 of relative depth (y/h), but noticeable deviation occurred between them in near surface and bottom region. For evaluating the capacity of measuring bathymetry of ADCPs, bottom tracking bathymetry based on oblique beams showed better performance than vertical beam approach, and similar results were shown for fixed and moving-boat method as well. Error analysis for velocity and bathymetry measurements of ADCP can be potentially able to be utilized for the more detailed uncertainty analysis of the ADCP discharge measurement.
doi:10.3741/jkwra.2015.48.5.367 fatcat:2go4q6f5izgpvps3uoqa64sxhy