Poka-Yoke: Mistake Proofing To Achieve Zero Defects

Prof. Anand K. Joshi
2015 Zenodo  
Advanced manufacturing is the use of innovative technology to im prove products or processes. Now-a- days POKA YOKE�S made by new technologies are used for mi stake proofing to achieve � ZERO DEFECT �. Poka Yoke focuses on eliminating the defects of hum an origination by reducing the opportunity for defects. Naturally human beings are not mistake proofed,therefore we can�t eliminate all the mistakes done by human beings. But organization can avoid these mistakes from r eaching to the
more » ... ich is known as a defect in this case. Japanese manufacturing engineer Shig eo Shingo develops the quality assurance technique Poka Yoke. The aim of Poka Yoke is to eliminate de fects in a product by preventing or correcting mistakes as early as possible. A Poka Yoke is d one by using a method that uses sensor or other devices for catching errors that may pass by human beings or operators. Shigeo Shingo defines Poka Yoke as:Poka � �Inadvertent Mistake That Anyone Can Make� [2] and Yoke � �To Prevent or Proof� [1]. Poka -Yoke performs two key operations of ZDQ (Zero D efect Quality) i.e. identifying the defect immediately (Point of Origin Inspection) & quick feedback fo r corrective action. Poka-yoke detects an error,gives a warning,and can shuts down the process. This paper describes the solution on customer complaint of fa ilure of brake in the car due to wrong machining in the TMC (Tandem Master Cylinder). The root ca use is detected by using systematic 8-D method. To overcome this problem we have made a Poka Yoke us ing laser sensor. https://www.ijiert.org/paper-details?paper_id=140489
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1474746 fatcat:n2hlpzjk25gvpg6by55ylyum2u