Developing an Evaluation Model to Measure the Intelligence Level of Smart Industrial Parks

Ailing Wang, Yixin Yang, Shaonan Sun, Yiming Zuo, Zhihui Wang, Haili Sun
2022 Buildings  
The intelligent development of smart industrial parks (SIPs) can not only promote the development of smart cities, but also promote the development of intelligent large-scale buildings. China is strengthening the construction of SIPs; however, the development of SIPs is limited. Due to different understandings of SIPs, the intelligence level of each SIP varies greatly. It is necessary to develop a SIP intelligence level assessment model to check these limitations. Most of the existing
more » ... s focus on the qualitative evaluation of the overall intelligence level of SIPs, ignoring the influence of each individual dimension. Therefore, this study used quantitative methods to measure the intelligence level of SIPs from the overall and dimensional levels. The evaluation method included five processes: (1) Classifying the intelligence level of SIPs through expert interviews; (2) Using the literature analysis method to identify various dimensions of the intelligence level; (3) Using literature analysis and expert interviews to determine the evaluation indicators (4) Weighting indicators based on correlation and induced ordered weighted average (IOWA) operator; (5) Using grey clustering analysis to calculate the overall intelligence performance of SIPs and each dimension. Finally, the developed model was verified by Z SIP. The analysis results show that the developed model can measure both overall and dimensional performance of SIPs, and demonstrated that enterprise information services, public information services, SIP security, and energy consumption monitoring platform construction make the greatest contributions to the improvement of the intelligence level. Our research results will help to improve the intelligence level of SIPs, and lay the foundation for the determination of the operating costs of SIPs and the formulation of national standards related to SIPs in the future.
doi:10.3390/buildings12101533 fatcat:seek4obbgrfibffmhr3bnltpne