Event weights for simulating Bose–Einstein correlations

V. Kartvelishvili, R. Kvatadze
2001 Physics Letters B  
An event weighting method for simulating Bose-Einstein effects in hadronic final states is presented. The weight for an event depends on the momentum distribution of identical bosons in the event. By using a theoretically motivated parametrisation allowing weights below as well as above unity, the necessity of a weight-rescaling procedure is eliminated. A single parameter is used to adjust the average event weight to unity. Once adjusted, the same value of the parameter gives average event
more » ... average event weights that are essentially independent of energy, initial quark flavour, multiplicity and jet topology. The influence of Bose-Estein correlations on various measurable quantities in W pair production is found to be small. In particular, none of the scenarios considered resulted in a W mass shift larger than 20 MeV.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(01)00769-9 fatcat:wxai2yr6bjabrkh54bm74ayoiu