Tourism as a Method of "Soft Power" in Modern Diplomacy on the Example of the Russian Federation

Oleg A. Bunakov
2018 Helix  
In this article authors describe formation of the concept "soft power" and its place in the modern world. Authors come to a conclusion that tourism is that element of "the soft power" which can promote more effective and competent positioning of Russia as benevolent country. Today the tourism industry is a key milestone of applying "the soft power" concept, plunging in particular countries, in particular cultures, in particular national life, the tourist recreates a true picture of the events
more » ... the state. Authors note that the Russian Federation needs creation abroad of positive image, for the purpose of applying the «the soft power» concept in the solution of diplomatic questions. In turn, tourism is one of the main methods of the «the soft power» concept and in any a case it is impossible to diminish a tourism role in permission of international issues. Development of the tourism industry promotes not only to increase in a tourist stream and attraction of investments, but also allows creating a positive image of the country and its subjects in the opinion of foreign tourists. Investigating value of the «the soft power» concept, authors came to a conclusion that tourism represents a secret platform for realization of national and public interests on the international scene. Tourism as a method of "the soft power" in modern diplomacy is, first of all, the tool by means of which the state will be able to tell about itself to the world.
doi:10.29042/2018-2174-2177 fatcat:ndpivd2lmnhilkkpuz46e33f6y