Study of Small Satellite System for Medical Motion Pictures Transmission : 1^ report, Study of Small Satellite System
A2 医療用小型衛星システムの研究 : その 1 小型衛星システムの検討

Hirouyki OKAMOTO, Atsushi NAKAJIMA
2003 The Proceedings of the Space Engineering Conference  
The mobile high data rate transmission frOm ambulance is very use 飢 fbr early − stage medication . This stUdy consists of 2 / part , one is satellite system stUdy and the other is deployable antenna system . In this paper , small 、 satellite system for medlcal motion picture transmission is described . A 4. hour high ecCenuicity orbit has been selected for , this sateUite . Recently , y com 凶 nents 偽 r sm 瓠 l satellite are getting available all over the worlCl . Tliis small satellite cari be designed using off − th
doi:10.1299/jsmesec.2003.11.5 fatcat:4vfns6dvwnbtrop2rizwhp7cje