Local Self-Optimizing Control with Average Loss Minimization

Vinay Kariwala, Yi Cao, S. Janardhanan
2008 Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research  
Self-optimizing control provides nearly optimal operation of process systems in face of varying disturbances, where the inputs are adjusted to hold selected controlled variables (c) at constant setpoints. It is possible to have better self-optimizing properties by controlling linear combinations of measurements (c = Hy) than by controlling individual measurements. Previous work 10 focussed on selecting combination matrix H to minimize worst-case loss, that arises due to the use of sub-optimal
more » ... se of sub-optimal self-optimizing control policy. In this paper, we present a method for finding combination matrix H that minimizes average loss for local self-optimizing control. It is further shown that the combination matrix that minimizes average loss is super-optimal in the sense that it also minimizes worst-case loss simultaneously. The usefulness of the results is demonstrated using an evaporator case study.
doi:10.1021/ie070897+ fatcat:jba3f4xwijakzp4zrj43lzu6te