JIT sequencing for mixed-model assembly lines with setups using Tabu Search

P. R. McMullen
1998 Production planning & control (Print)  
This research presents a heuristic for sequencing mixed-model production schedules for assembly lines when JIT production is an objective, and setup requirements are present. The heuristic examines a sequence and determines an objective function value based upon the parts usage rate ( Miltenburg 1989) and the number of setups involved. This sequence is then altered in the hope of ® nding a better sequence in terms of the objective function via Tabu Search. This technique is applied to several
more » ... pplied to several problems, and the resulting sequences are simulated to determine production performance measures of production makespan, system time and average WIP inventory level. The experiment shows that the multiple objectives of minimizing both parts usage rate and required setups can be addressed provided management has an understanding of the relative importance of usage rate and setups for their speci® c application.
doi:10.1080/095372898233984 fatcat:q7dstkc5gjdapauyy5ztgm64z4