Magnetism and the Weiss exchange field: A theoretical analysis motivated by recent experiments

C. Albert, L. Ferrari, J. Froehlich, B. Schlein
The huge spin precession frequency observed in recent experiments with spin-polarized beams of hot electrons shot through magnetized films is interpreted as being caused by Zeeman coupling of the electron spins to the so-called Weiss exchange field in the film. The microscopic origin of exchange interactions and of large mean exchange fields, leading to different types of magnetic order, is elucidated. A microscopic derivation of the equations of motion of the Weiss exchange field is presented.
more » ... Novel proofs of the existence of phase transitions in quantum XY -models and antiferromagnets, based on an analysis of the statistical distribution of the exchange field, are presented.
doi:10.3929/ethz-b-000022835 fatcat:pl5cmamliravtadbmeaoz4ydqy