MoDAr-WA: Tool Support to Automate an MDA Approach for MVC Web Application

Imane Essebaa, Salima Chantit, Mohammed Ramdani
2019 Computers  
Model-driven engineering (MDE) uses models during the application development process. Thus, the MDE is particularly based on model-driven architecture (MDA), which is one of the important variants of the Object Management Group (OMG). MDA aims to generate source code from abstract models through several model transformations between, and inside the different MDA levels: computation independent model (CIM), platform independent model (PIM), and platform specific model (PSM) before code. In this
more » ... context, several methods and tools were proposed in the literature and in the industry that aim to automatically generate the source code from the MDA levels. However, researchers still meet many constraints—model specifications, transformation automation, and level traceability. In this paper, we present a tool support, the model-driven architecture for web application (MoDAr-WA), that implements our proposed approach, aiming to automate transformations from the highest MDA level (CIM) to the lowest one (code) to ensure traceability. This paper is a continuity of our previous works, where we automate transformation from the CIM level to the PIM level. For this aim, we present a set of meta-models, QVT and Acceleo transformations, as well as the tools used to develop our Eclipse plug-in, MoDAr-WA. In particular, we used QVT rules for transformations between models and Acceleo for generating code from models. Finally, we use MoDAr-WA to apply the proposed approach to the MusicStore system case study and compare the generated code from CIM to the original application code.
doi:10.3390/computers8040089 fatcat:3rtt7j2mo5aqjaqzy7dprfsgh4