Dance as a Medium of Communication - Psychological and Social Aspects [chapter]

2022 Psychology Applications & Developments VIII  
In this chapter, we analyze dance as a medium of communication. Human body is the basic instrument of dance since the dancer communicates with others using his/her movements. As such, dance has a great potential to be a medium of communication of various feelings, needs, ideas, intentions, concepts and bodily sensations. Unlike those who dance spontaneously, professional dancers do not communicate the feeling that they are experiencing at that moment, but their movements show the specific
more » ... g that is connected to the whole story imagined by the choreographer. As a medium of communication, dance articulates creative self-expression, body attractiveness and eroticism as well as socialization and contact with another person. These aspects of what is communicated using dance are analyzed throughout the chapter. It is concluded that due to its complexity and universality dance represents a very rich and powerful means for those who need to communicate something either just by using rhythmical movement or by mastering a more symbolical system which can be found in dance as a form of art.
doi:10.36315/2022padviii08 fatcat:4cgizlf5f5ethikwnypcnldt4a