Consumer Travel Behaviors and Transport Carbon Emissions: A Comparative Study of Commercial Centers in Shenyang, China

Jing Li, Kevin Lo, Pingyu Zhang, Meng Guo
2016 Energies  
Current literature highlights the role of commercial centers in cities in generating shopping trips and transport carbon emissions. However, the influence of the characteristics of commercial centers on consumer travel behavior and transport carbon emissions is not well understood. This study addresses this knowledge gap by examining shopping trips to eight commercial centers in Shenyang, China, and the CO 2 emissions of these trips. We found that the locations and types of commercial centers
more » ... rongly influence CO 2 emissions. CO 2 emissions per trip to commercial centers in the suburbs of Shenyang were on average 6.94% and 26.92% higher than those to commercial centers in the urban core and the inner city, respectively. CO 2 emissions induced by wholesale centers were nearly three times higher than the lowest CO 2 emissions of commercial centers in the inner city. These empirical results enhance our understanding of shopping-related transport carbon emissions and highlight the importance of optimizing urban space structure, in particular, the layout of commercial centers.
doi:10.3390/en9100765 fatcat:5f3zb5xtd5erdirhc2ny23bci4