Characterization of FePtN Nano-particles Synthesized by Thermal Decomposition and Mixed-gas Nitrification
열분해법과 혼합가스 질화법으로 합성한 FePtN 나노 입자의 특성

Young Woo Oh
2016 Journal of the Korean Magnetics Society  
The effect of thermal-nitrification on L1o transfomation in nano-sized FePt particles was studied. As-synthesized FePt nanoparticles by thermal decomposition method have fcc structured phase and their Hc and Ms were 247.34 Oe and 27.308 emu/g, respectively. According to the XRD analysis, phase transformation from fcc (face centered cubic) to fct (face centered tetragonal) structure was revealed by heating under NH 3 + H 2 mixed-gas atmosphere. Also a slight shift of each (111) peak indicated
more » ... ) peak indicated phase transformation from fcc to fct structure. Hc and Ms of fct FePtN were 1058.2 Oe and 32.718 emu/g, respectively. The nano-sized FePtN magnetic particles synthesized by thermal decomposition method and mixed-gas nitrification are expected for advanced applications such as high density magnetic recording media and biomedical materials.
doi:10.4283/jkms.2016.26.4.129 fatcat:h2lcwk3xtjc4po6pn3irvzsoce