Illumination-robust and Anti-blur Feature Descriptors for Image Matching in Abdomen Reconstruction

Huan Liu, Ying Xiao, Wei-Dong Tang, Yan-Hui Zhou
2014 International Journal of Automation and Computing  
This paper puts forward a method for abdomen panorama reconstruction based on a stereo vision system. For the purpose of recovering the abdomen completely and accurately under the condition of actual photographing with illumination variance and blur noise, some innovative combined feature descriptors are presented on the basis of Hu-moment invariants. Furthermore, considering the study on the abdomen surface reconstruction, a circle template which is divided into 6 sectors is designed. It is
more » ... ed that a descriptor merely using gray intensity is not able to provide sufficient information for feature description. Consequently, the sector entropy which denotes the structure characteristics is drawn into the feature descriptor. By means of the combined effect of the gray intensity and the sector entropy, the similarity measurement is conducted for the final abdomen reconstruction. The experimental results reveal that the proposed method can acquire a high precision of abdomen reconstruction similar to the 3D scanner. This stereo vision system has wide practicability in the field of clothing.
doi:10.1007/s11633-014-0829-y fatcat:nsqo2xb35jh2hje7iyjky2zqau