Numerical harmonic analysis on the hyperbolic plane

Buma Fridman, Peter Kuchment, Kirk Lancaster, Serguei Lissianoi, Mila Mogilevsky, Daowei Ma, Igor Ponomarev, Vassilis Papanicolaou
2000 Applicable Analysis  
Results are reported of a numerical implementation of the hyperbolic Fourier transform and the geodesic and horocyclic Radon transforms on the hyperbolic plane, and of their inverses. The study is motivated by the hyperbolic geometry approach to the linearized inverse conductivity problem, suggested by C. A. Berenstein and E. Casadio Tarabusi.
doi:10.1080/00036810008840889 fatcat:tu6bk7y36jfnjbxsihhz7v4f5q