PIC-MC Simulation of Charge Accumulation Process Inside Teflon Film

R. Watanabe
2003 AIP Conference Proceedings  
The charge accumulation process inside a Teflon film is numerically simulated with a Particle-in-Cell/Monte Carlo methodology. Elastic and inelastic collision processes between irradiated electrons and Teflon are implemented based on a model that combines theoretical and semi empirical approaches. The simulations predict the charge accumulation process properly and provide predictions of the penetration depth inside the Teflon. Electron irradiation experiments are also conducted for code
more » ... ted for code validation. These experiment provide the transient charge distribution inside dielectric materials such as Teflon, Kapton and PMMA and show the dependency of the penetration depth to the material density. Improvements in the computational and experimental methodologies will enable proper code validation. PHYSICAL MODEL Collision processes between electrons and Teflon are modeled following Palov et al [6] . Electron energies are in the range of 1 eV to 35 keV and the processes considered in the model are: (i) electron scattering by C or F atoms, (ii) ionization of atoms, (iii) electron-phonon interaction and (iv) trapping. Palov et al derives these formulae from
doi:10.1063/1.1581634 fatcat:7kstxfakx5fxlahpptraf2klb4