Detection and Prevention Algorithm of DDoS Attack Over the IOT Networks

2020 TEM Journal  
One of the most notorious security issues in the IoT is the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Using a large number of agents, DDoS attack floods the host server with a huge number of requests causing interrupting and blocking the legitimate user requests. This paper proposes a detection and prevention algorithm for DDoS attacks. It is divided into two parts, one for detecting the DDoS attack in the IoT end devices and the other for mitigating the impact of the attack placed on the
more » ... der router. Also, it has the ability to differentiate the High-rate from the Lowrate DDoS attack accurately and defend against these two types of attacks. It is implemented and tested against different scenarios to dissect their efficiency in detecting and mitigating the DDoS attack.
doi:10.18421/tem93-09 fatcat:e6xbagayjbayfbybjmkh7etg3q