Tasvir Anlamı İçeren Birleşik Eylemlerin İngilizce Çeviri Eserlerde Aldığı Karşılılıklar

2013 Turkish Studies  
Descriptive verbs are one of the pre-eminent constructions revealing the structure productivity of our language. The forms describing verbs depict variety of structures. Descriptive verbs, semi-* Bu makale Crosscheck sistemi tarafından taranmış ve bu sistem sonuçlarına göre orijinal bir makale olduğu tespit edilmiştir. descriptive verbs and the other type including two conjugated forms are particularly selected to display the capacity of narration in many literary works. These forms are
more » ... e forms are particularly preferred because of the frequency of their use in the works in question. The main focus in the present study is to analyse English equivalents of these verbs in the translated versions of the works in terms of meaning and structure and to point out whether they are able to carry out the same literary value. In spite of the fact that Turkish and English belong to the totally different language families we could utter the existence of descriptive verbs in both. Considering these structural variations, what forms and expressions English holds for the demonstative verbs in accordance with the bulk sample of translated works is questioned. Many novels translated to English are analysed and the structures are classified. The model expressions exemplifying the target structure are taken from many works of our literature. As a result, modal verbs and almost the same type of adverbials and prepositional phrases are used to provide more or less their translated equivalences.
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.5048 fatcat:ypqzzzi6x5ajthc7zzhwzi7pgu