China Banking Market Structure and Performance:Based on Panel Data

L Zhengchao, Liu Qin
2012 International Business and Management   unpublished
This paper is devoted to analyzing the relationship between China banking market structure and performance. We employ the methodology of SCP (structure-conduct-performance), introduce macro economics factors into regression model and use the panel data of 14 major commercial banks in China Mainland from 2000 to 2010. The results show that China banking market is still in the oligopoly status, and the oligopoly degree reduces gradually over time. The oligopoly degree has a negative correlation
more » ... ative correlation with the performance. The deposit-loan ratio and the capital adequacy ratio have both positive correlations with the performance. We propose four advises for reducing the oligopoly degree and improving banking industry. They are (1) Reducing great banks network externalities barriers; (2) Drawing private capital invests into the banking industry; (3) Slackening restrictions to foreign banks; (4) Developing the market of small-micro enterprises loan.