Effect of turbulent fluctuations on the behaviour of fountains in stratified environments

D Freire, C Cabeza, S Pauletti, G Sarasúa, I Bove, G Usera, A C Martí
2010 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The interaction between a turbulent fountain and its stratified environment was studied. A heavy fluid, cold water, was injected vertically upwards into a linearly stratified medium. The round heavy-fluid jet reaches a maximum height before it begins to fall due to the effect of gravity. Because of the effects of friction and mixing, the vertical momentum and density of the jet fluid decrease as it submerges to an intermediate height of zero buoyancy. At this point, the jet fluid spreads as a
more » ... luid spreads as a horizontal front, intruding into the stratified environment. The degree of fluctuation in the proximity of the injection point was studied under both unrestricted-and restricted-flow configurations at the injection, using two differently sized stainless-steel woven-wire screens at the injection port as flow-restricting means. Using visualization and velocimetry techniques, both maximum and spreading heights were found to decrease with increasing turbulence at the point of injection.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/246/1/012015 fatcat:tfcgnkhggfeznhrb7njn22v45i