Road-Based Multi-Metric Forwarder Evaluation for Multipath Video Streaming in Urban Vehicular Communication

Ahmed Aliyu, Abdul Hanan Abdullah, Ismail Fauzi Isnin, Raja Zahilah Raja Mohd. Radzi, Arvind Kumar, Tasneem S. J. Darwish, Usman Mohammed Joda
2020 Electronics  
In video streaming over vehicular communication, optimal selection of a video packet forwarder is a daunting issue due to the dynamic nature of Vehicular Ad-hoc NETworks (VANETs)and the high data rates of video. In most of the existing studies, extensive considerations of the essential metrics have not been considered. In order to achieve quality video streaming in vehicular network, important metrics for link connectivity and bandwidth efficiency need to be employed to minimize video packet
more » ... or and losses. In order to address the aforementioned issues, a Road-based Multi-metric Forwarder Evaluation scheme for Multipath Video Streaming (RMF-MVS) has been proposed. The RMF-MVS scheme is adapted to be a Dynamic Self-Weighting score (DSW) (RMF-MVS+DSW) for forwarder vehicle selection. The scheme is based on multipath transmission. The performance of the scheme is evaluated using Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR), Structural SIMilarity index (SSIM), Packet Loss Ratio (PLR) and End-to-End Delay (E2ED) metrics. The proposed scheme is compared against two baseline schemes including Multipath Solution with Link and Node Disjoint (MSLND) and Multimedia Multi-metric Map-aware Routing Protocol (3MRP) with DSW (3MRP+DSW). The comparative performance assessment results justify the benefit of the proposed scheme based on various video streaming related metrics.
doi:10.3390/electronics9101663 fatcat:264f44sqdnc6zc546upm44sryi