Design, synthesis and photophysical properties of bodipy-labeled lupane triterpenoids

Anna Spivak, Rinat Gubaidullin, Darya Nedopekina, Adis Tukhbatullin, Eldar Davletshin
2020 Proceedings of The 24th International Electronic Conference on Synthetic Organic Chemistry   unpublished
Novel BODIPY-lupane triterpenoid conjugates bearing a fluorescent marker at the C-2 position of ring A of the triterpene core were obtained via the Sonogashira reaction as a key step. The starting compounds in the cross-coupling reaction were C-2 propynyl derivatives of betulinic or betulonic acids and fluorescent dyes with an iodo-group at C-2 or meso position of BODIPY-platform. The newly elaborated coupling procedure might have applicability in the synthesis of fluorescentlabeled triterpenoid conjugates suitable for biological assays.
doi:10.3390/ecsoc-24-08102 fatcat:7ezvuc6cqzfyrgo5ya2js7yhue