Physical Anthropological Study on the Measurement of Head and Face, and Morphology of Dental Arch on Man Tribe Living in Xin Bin Area of China

Rei Ito, Hao Jin, Motoharu Shiratani, Shigeko Watanabe, Shigeru Kobayashi, Cheng Zhi Fu, Ting Shen Zhang, Wen Kui Wang
1999 The Journal of the Kyushu Dental Society  
The aim of this study is to clarify the traits of the Man tribe ' s head, face and dental arch . In May ,1997, somatological measurements were taken of the head and face and plaster models of 215 Man tribe young adults ( 108 males and lO7 females) , inhabitants of Xin Bin area of China . Measured values of head and face , and of the dental arch were assessed by each item. Each value of the Man tribe was compared with those of the Man tribe living in Feng Cheng city and other tribes living in
more » ... th 州 east of China . The results obtained in this study were as follows: 1 ,Measurements of the head and face. 1 )Head length : The mean value for the male is 176 . 4mm of the Short Type , and for the female l70. 3mm of the Middle Type . 2 )Head breadth : The mean value for the male is 155. 6mm of the Middle Type , and for the female 152. 6mm of the Wide Type . 3 ) Bizygomatic breadth : The mean value for the male is 136 . 5mm , and for the female 125 . 3mm , both of the Middle Type . N 工 工 一 Eleotronio Library
doi:10.2504/kds.53.351 fatcat:cywmmq7oevcuplbcnkg36o5sxy