Experimental article

Mohammad Chair Effendi, Endang Winiati Bachtiar, Ellyza Herda, Dmd
2012 J Int Dent Med Res   unpublished
To analysis the effect nano mineral trioxide (NMT) on the proliferation and differentiation of Stem Cells Human Exfoliated Deciduous (SHED) to odontoblast. This research is a laboratoric experimental study. Mesenchymal stem cells (SHED) isolated from deciduous teeth and identified using immunochytochemistry were cultured until they reached confluent state. This culture was divided into 3 groups: (i) culture without any treatment (control group), (ii) Culture that treated with MTA dose 2 mg and
more » ... iii) Culture that treated with NMT on dose 2 mg. The observation of stem cells proliferation used MTT test and differentiation obserced by using ELISA method to detect alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and dentin sialophospho protein (DSPP) concentration. NMT was not toxic and increased the proliferation of SHED, and did not impede SHED viability especially on the second day compared to MTA (p < 0.05). Meanwhile on the third day the viability of MTA was higher rather than NMT (p < 0.05). NMT could increase the activity of ALP and DSPP compared to MTA on the SHED (p < 0.05). NMT could increase proliferation of SHED, increased ALP and DSPP activity in SHED and did not impede SHED viability.