Williams syndrome: memory, visuospatial and visuoconstructive functions
Sindrome de Williams: memoria, funciones visuoespaciales y funciones visuoconstructivas

C García-Nonell, E Rigau-Ratera, J Artigas-Pallarés, C García-Sánchez, A Estévez-González
Revista de neurología (Ed. impresa)  
Williams syndrome (WS) is a dominant autosomal genetic syndrome resulting from a microdeletion on chromosome 7. This deletion gives rise to certain characteristic physical traits, systemic pathologies and a cognitive behavioural pattern that is characterised by the relative preservation of linguistic abilities with very striking visuospatial deficits. We describe the neuropsychological features of three patients with WS, diagnosed by means of a cytogenetic study, and their mnemonic functions
more » ... emonic functions and visuospatial skills are explored. The results obtained in the study of these three patients reinforce the idea, already acknowledged in the literature, of the marked visuospatial difficulties. They also account for the need for an early diagnosis and an extensive knowledge of the cognitive profile of these patients so as to allow the planning of a stimulation that strengthens the cognitive possibilities of children suffering from this syndrome as much as possible.
pmid:14606049 fatcat:bf5nudo74ffrzbyp5phrqrr6rm