Measuring Membrane Permeation Rates through the Optical Visualization of a Single Pore [component]

Membranes are a critical technology for energy-efficient separation processes. The routine method of evaluating membrane performance is a permeation measurement. However, such measurements can be limited in terms of their utility: membrane microstructure is often poorly characterised, membranes or sealants leak, and conditions in the gas phase are poorly controlled and frequently far-removed from the conditions employed in the majority of real processes. Here we demonstrate a new integrated
more » ... oach to determine permeation rates, using two novel supported molten-salt membrane geometries. In both cases, the membranes comprise a solid support with laser-drilled pores, which are infiltrated with a highly-CO2 selective molten carbonate salt. First, we fabricate an optically-transparent single crystal, single-pore model
doi:10.1021/acsami.0c01047.s006 fatcat:xv7sou2vzjg6jdo6tky2eii2au