Carbon catabolite repression of β-D-galactosidase synthesis inStaphylococcus saprophyticus
Staphylococcus saprophyticusにおけるβ-D-galactosidase合成のcarboncatabolite repression

Asako Muraoka
Bulletin of Kochi Gakuen College  
Thc synthesis of β . D . galactosidase in ∫taph) ,lococctts saProPltJ , t ・ ictts was induced with nlcthyl ・ β 一 D . thiogalactoside as the lrlducer. The jnduced sy 航 hesis of the enzyme was repressed by varlous car − bohydrates added to the nledium . Two types of repression were recognized , Repression by 91ucose, sucrose , maltose or trehalose ( type I )was abolished in mutallts resistar1 亡 to growth inhibition by metllyl 一 α . p ・ glucoside and 2 . deoxy ・ D . glucose . ln contrast ,
more » ... on by glycero1 , fructosc or nla11 − nito1 ( type [ 1) was llot released in the nlutants .
doi:10.24649/kgc.26.0_49 fatcat:nqrylvgslraa5k6oo3nx6hhelm