Health Implications of Binaural Auditory Beat (BAB) Its Perils and Applications [post]

Changhyuk Seo
2021 unpublished
Binaural Auditory Beat (BAB) is known to induce frequency-specific health effects. Theta frequency BAB, for instance, triggers a meditative state whereas alpha frequency BAB may function as an anxiolytic. Findings upon BAB exposure demonstrate mixed results and thus require further academic investigation, for the beneficial effect of a BAB in question may become detrimental if applied inappropriately. There are, unfortunately, hundreds of publicly available commercial BABs (C-BABs) today that
more » ... e neither scientifically verified nor clinically safe. Virtually anyone can construct/distribute any kinds of BAB mixes at any given time via freely available BAB generators. This means customers may be exposed to unknown or even prematurely released C-BAB, not to mention that its neurophysiological mechanism is not yet fully understood. Considering a dearth of research and a pile of anecdotal reports on its side effects, C-BAB customers are exposing themselves to medically unrecognized health risks. The health effects of C-BABs will be reviewed and the perils of its clinical implementation and recreational applications will be discussed.
doi:10.31234/ fatcat:totuniiq2rgujgcssy7njmrqsa