Multi-Factoral Mechanisms of Therapeutic Effect of Perifocal Spectacles (Perifocal-M) on Progressive Myopia in Children

R. A. Ibatulin, O. V. Proskurina, E. P. Tarutta
2019 Oftalʹmologiâ  
There is detailed review of multi-factoral mechanisms of spectacles with peripheral defocus influence in children with progressive myopia in this article. At present local retinal mechanisms of neuro-regulatory control of eye growth are most effective in prevention of myopia development and progression. Optical correction of relative peripheral hyperopia with following peripheral myopic defocus affects the biochemical cascade from retina to choroid and sclera, which constrains an eye growth.
more » ... s an eye growth. Optical methods of myopia control, including spectacles, widely used in native and foreign ophthalmology practice. Since 2011, in Russia Perifocal-M spectacles are using, said spectacles provides bigger functionality of influence on myopic eye comparing to foreign analogues. Construction features of said spectacle lens have a complex influence on different optic-physiological eye structures and each of said structures affects refractogenesis. Perifocal spectacles takes into account specific for myopic eye features of central and peripheral refraction along horizontal and vertical meridians. They have stronger refraction in horizontal, which allows to eliminate specific optical disbalance in myopic eye and to create optical balance in the eye. Perifocal-M lens construction with asymmetric horizontal progression allows to correct relative peripheral hyperopia, to create myopic defocus in horizontal and to affect relations between refraction of nasal and temporal halves of retina. The latter is due to the fact that optical influence starts earlier and has bigger effect on nasal half of retina relative to temporal. Perifocal spectacles are inducing positive spherical aberrations in the eye, increasing accommodation functions, supporting high binocular visual acuity, improving binocular interaction during near work, fighting against heteroforias. Thus, optical features of Perifocal-M spectacles for the first time creates conditions for versatile functional influence on main myopogenic factors simultaneously, it effectively stops myopia progression.
doi:10.18008/1816-5095-2018-4-433-438 fatcat:ssps5lv43zewnenblgqwlcf6ty