Short time cycles of purely quantum refrigerators

Tova Feldmann, Ronnie Kosloff
2012 Physical Review E  
Four stroke Otto refrigerator cycles with no classical analogue are studied. Extremely short cycle times with respect to the internal time scale of the working medium characterize these refrigerators. Therefore these cycles are termed sudden. The sudden cycles are characterized by the stable limit cycle which is the invariant of the global cycle propagator. During their operation the state of the working medium possesses significant coherence which is not erased in the equilibration segments
more » ... bration segments due to the very short time allocated. This characteristic is reflected in a difference between the energy entropy and the Von Neumann entropy of the working medium. A classification scheme for sudden refrigerators is developed allowing simple approximations for the cooling power and coefficient of performance.
doi:10.1103/physreve.85.051114 pmid:23004710 fatcat:k25ypnxfkjepzjxo67qkdlfquy