Electrostatic Electrification Relaxation Properties of Polyester Rayon Non-woven Fabric due to Weight Variation
중량변화에 의한 폴리에스터 레이온 부직포의 정전기 대전 완화특성

Sung-Ill Lee, Yong-Soon Park
2011 Journal of the Korean Institute of Electrical and Electronic Material Engineers  
Non-wovens polyester rayon samples were manufactured, and the electrification properties of electrostatics were measured for three different samples (15 g/m 2 , 25 g/m 2 , and 40 g/m 2 ) with the environmental settings of temperature (20~40℃) and humidity (40~90%). The conclusions are as follows. Heavy sample generated more static electricity when the temperature was constant. The static electricity decreased slowly when the humidity is less than 70%, while it sharply decreased over 70%
more » ... ed over 70% humidity condition. For non-woven polyester rayon, static charge decreased as temperature and humidity increased. As the weight increased, less time were taken for the electrification voltage to drop to the half.
doi:10.4313/jkem.2011.24.12.977 fatcat:b5cdttaj6rfajnyjy7a5p3ltfy