Anna Masko
2019 Ìnfrastruktura rinku  
УДК 330:1 Масько А.М. аспірант кафедри економічної теорії та конкурентної політики Київський національний торговельноекономічний університет This article discusses the current state of the railway transport market in Ukraine, determines what factors influenced the state of rolling stock and infrastructure of the industry. The structure of management of the market of rail transportation in Ukraine is investigated, the interaction of structural units
more » ... uctural units operating in the branch is analyzed, bottlenecks in this model of management are investigated. The approaches of domestic and foreign scientists concerning the reform of railway transport are considered, the main models that could be used in the reformation of the railroad market are determined, the model that Ukraine has chosen for itself has been studied. It was investigated how the railway transport reform was carried out in other countries. Experienced European countries: Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland and Poland. It was determined what steps have been taken by the European countries, the problems that the reform faced, which resulted in reforms for the railways of countries and their economies. Conclusions are drawn about the possibility of borrowing the best world approaches and practices for use in Ukraine. The state of the initiated reforms and the correspondence of the reforms carried out by the commitments made by Ukraine to its foreign partners have been analyzed. The main obstacles are identified in the way of reforms. Proceeding from the specifics of the Ukrainian economy and society, it is examined what problems the industry has already encountered during the reform and with which they have yet to come across. The author has prepared a proposal on what the first steps need to be taken in order for the Ukrainian railroad to turn from a huge, clumsy, underfunded monster into a profitable enterprise. A comparative analysis of investment in railway companies in other countries. The current technical condition of the infrastructure of the industry has been investigated: the wear of the trackway, the wear of diesel locomotives and electric locomotives, as well as the level of wear of railcars. In addition, a forecast was made on the state of the infrastructure up to 2021, the findings were described in the research test. The main problems of the branch that should be solved first, provide recommendations on the implementation of reforms both at the legislative and institutional levels.
doi:10.32843/infrastruct33-4 fatcat:4otnnici3je4dnq7w3idopg4wu