Hughlings Jackson
1868 The Lancet  
Nulla autem est alia pro certo noscendi via, nisi quamplurimas et morborum et dissectionum historias, tnm aliornm, tum proprias colleetas habere, et inter se comparare.-MORGAGN; De Sed. et Caus. Mo-rb., lib. iv. Pjocemium. GUY'S HOSPITAL. THREE CASES OF ACUTE RHEUMATISM TREATED BY DIFFERENT METHODS. (Under the care of Dr. WILKS.) IN some recent visits to the medical clinical wards of this hospital we have watched the cases which are here briefly recorded. There was nothing especially remarkable
more » ... pecially remarkable about them; and we only refer to them here because they illustrate three different modes of treatment. Patrick C-, aged twenty-six, labourer, was admitted on the 29th of January last with swelling, redness, and tenderness of both knees and left ankle, and the general characteristics of acute rheumatism strongly marked. Temperature 101'7°; pulse 90. A not very loud systolic bruit was heard at the base, and the second sound was rough. His illness dated from Jan. 15th; and began with malaise, followed, two days afterwards, by pains in the wrists, elbows, and ankles, which were red and swollen. Other joints were then , affected in turn. During the night of admission he had some ' , delirium. Next day he was ordered an ounce of quinine mix-' ,
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