Surgical Workflow Simulation for the Design and Assessment of Operating Room Setups in Orthopedic Surgery [post]

Juliane Neumann, Christine Angrick, Celina Höhn, Dirk Zajonz, Mohamed Ghanem, Andreas Roth, Thomas Neumuth
2020 unpublished
Background: The design and internal layout of modern operating rooms (OR) are influencing the surgical team's collaboration and communication, ergonomics, as well as intraoperative hygiene substantially. Yet, there is no objective method for the assessment and design of operating room setups for different surgical disciplines and intervention types available. The aim of this work is to establish an improved OR setup for common procedures in arthroplasty. Methods With the help of computer
more » ... ion, a method for the design and assessment of enhanced OR setups was developed. New OR setups were designed, analyzed in a computer simulation environment and evaluated in the actual intraoperative setting. Thereby, a 3D graphical simulation representation enabled the strong involvement of clinical stakeholders in all phases of the design and decision-making process of the new setup alternatives. Results The implementation of improved OR setups reduced the instrument handover time between the surgeon and the scrub nurse, the travel paths of the OR team as well as shortened the procedure duration. Additionally, the ergonomics of the OR staff were improved. Conclusion The developed simulation method was evaluated in the actual intraoperative setting and proved its benefit for the design and optimization of OR setups for different surgical intervention types. As a clinical result, enhanced setups for total knee arthroplasty and total hip arthroplasty surgeries were established in daily clinical routine and the OR efficiency was improved.
doi:10.21203/rs.2.13640/v6 fatcat:yqrmsmqe6jfs3jha7s7ctn4uxi