New approaches in winter rye breeding for grain quality

А. А. Гончаренко, С. А. Ермаков, А. В. Макаров, Т. В. Семенова, В. Н. Точилин, О. А. Крахмалева, А. В. Осипова, Е. Н. Лазарева, Н. А. Яшина
2015 Plant Breeding and Seed Production  
Materials and methods. Evaluation of 78 collection samples of winter wheat for resistance to leaf rust was conducted on an artificial infectious background in the field during 2013 -2014. Results and discussion. Meteorological conditions during years of the study were characterized by fever and unstable air moisture. So, in 2013 during the growing season HTC was 1.3, and in 2014 was 1.6. From the collection of winter wheat, which we studied in 2013-2014 years, 60 samples (76.9%) were high
more » ... ant. 12 samples were immune (15.4%), they were originating mainly from the United States and Hungary. Conclusions. Within two years of research to determine the stability of the collection material of winter wheat against leaf rust in the conditions of artificial infection background. Among the 78 samples there were 12 immune, 48 highly resistant, 11 resistant, 5 moderately susceptible, 2 susceptible. Emphasis immune samples Beres, Lurda 81, Lindon, Co 7250-49, Co 7250-50, HBE 384, Mc Nair 2203, Century, TAM-200, Arthur 71, Rochy and Polovchanka, You need to attract crossover and used in breeding work towards the creation of varieties with increased resistance to leaf rust.
doi:10.30835/2413-7510.2015.57341 fatcat:cqsdkmw2fvajdpiiqk3hul3d6i