Design and Analysis of Turbulent Flow of Duct Using In Centralised A.C

Vidyasagar Budumuru, Mr Bicha
Human comfort in cars is of prime importance nowadays, in which thermal comfort plays an important role. With the rapid development of technology and increasing demands by customers, the climate control of the passenger cabin has to be taken into account in any vehicle development process. Duct is used to carry the air in air conditioning. This air conditioning is divided in to 1.Summer air conditioning, 2.Winter air conditioning, 3.Year round air conditioning. Usage of A.C type is dependent on
more » ... ype is dependent on the atmosphere condition. For this air conditioning duct design is very important. This design depends on the amount of air carrying through ducts, shape of the duct In this project the AC is to be designed for Summer Air Conditioning type. Because in our city conditions throughout the year, the temperature doesn't fall below 15 o C. In this project, cooling load calculations, duct design, CFD and Thermal analysis for main duct are to be done. For thermal analysis, materials of duct are Galvanized Iron and Glass Fiber. Duct design is done in 3D modeling software CREO parametric software and CFD analysis in ANSYS.