Bella Coola ceremony and art [book]

1975 unpublished
DEGREE 1 IlASTEIt or Am Tbe ala .t the study is to lend ethnologieal importance to a collection of a.terial culture, by reveallng the relationship ot Bella Coola ceremonialhm and art w1 th other aspects .t society, and offering an analytical SUDDary ot Della Cool a art style. The project centred &round the collection of Bella Coo1a ceremonial art held by the Rational Museum of Canada, wlth llbrary res.arch, collections ift otber museoeas, and field .ott contributing data. Following background
more » ... terial about traditional social organization, mythology and ceremonial1S1D, the nature and IDeaning of " Bella Coo18 -art" and the role of the aartist" are discussed. Sketches of the roles of seYeral mythologieal charaeters are offered, wl th analysis of the eomponents evident ln IDasks of eaeh eharaeter. Common eharaeteristic8 of the style are sumoearized, and eamparad wl th North.est Coast style. Contanporary ceremonialiSlll and art are deicrlbed and analysad. Finally, the Bella Cool a are related ta other pr~itlYe groups, coneerning acculturation and subsequent 10S8 of traditional heritage.
doi:10.2307/j.ctv16vzr fatcat:wpyoumbzsvbqldpttzqhuzfsg4