Assessment of GPS carrier-phase stability for time-transfer applications

K.M. Larson, J. Levine, L.M. Nelson, T.E. Parker
2000 IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control  
Wc have C O I I~I U C~R~ g1d);iI positionitifi system (GPS) carrier-phase tinto-transfer ~:xpai~inior~t.s bo lwoo~i tho master clock (MC) u t , the U,S, Naval Obsorvatory (UYNO) in Wuishirigtori, 'UC and tho nltcriiatc mastcr clock ( R M C ) at: Sctihvcr Air Force Rase 11enr Crilimirlu Spriucs, Colorado. These ducks >ire n l w rr~crnitorctl on an hourly bn-si4 with twrr-wny rntollito tirao-transfer ( T W S Y l ' ) IIIC~SIIPCrnoiits. We compnred thr! performanr:c c# tlic OPS ciirricrphasc nnd
more » ... iirricrphasc nnd TWSTT systems over ti 23A-(l period. Uccniim of pcwver p r i h l o r r~ iinrl clnln aukages during thc carrier-phse cxporirricIlt, Lho longest continuous tiinc spnii i s M i d. T h e
doi:10.1109/58.827441 pmid:18238571 fatcat:wmeico5qv5hcdj3iaipsiceuku