Javanese Cross-gender: The Three Domains of Cabaret Show in Yogyakarta City

Langen Sutrisno, Sahid Widodo, Bani Sudardi, Warto Warto
2020 Proceedings of the Proceedings of the Third International Seminar on Recent Language, Literature, and Local Culture Studies, BASA, 20-21 September 2019, Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia   unpublished
Cabaret Show in Yogyakarta is a modern genre of Indonesian art performance. Due to the growing negative view on Javanese cross-gender, it deserves a thorough research. This in-depth study aims at identifying the expression, style, genre, and cultural negotiation of cabaret show among the similar modern arts. The data was collected from the informants that include the cabaret show designer, artists, art workers, art observers, audience, cabaret show performance, and other related documents.
more » ... on the data sources, data of this study include verbal information from the informants, textual information from the documents, and visual information from cabaret show performance. This focused single-case study employs cultural perspective and approach by developing the ideology theory introduced by (Althusser, 2014). The validity of the data in the study was measured by peer debriefing while the data was analyzed by interactive analysis model developed by (Miles & Huberman, 2014) . This study found the following results. First, there is a correlation of the three main domains of local wisdom style, Indonesian style, and international trend style that constitute the elements of cabaret show performance in Yogyakarta. Second, the cut points of the three domains show the existence of illusionary (imaginary ideology, transposition of imaginary ideology, and distortion of imaginary ideology that constitutes the characteristics of Javanese cross-gender in Yogyakarta. Third, the study found the existence of cultural negotiation as the basic power of survival and existence, identity, and social control that signify the establishment of a new community that flourishes the life in Yogyakarta.
doi:10.4108/eai.20-9-2019.2297042 fatcat:m7rrogt76rds7c7pfburf55w54