Multidimensional Constructs in Organizational Behavior Research: An Integrative Analytical Framework

Jeffrey R. Edwards
2001 Organizational Research Methods  
Multidimensional constructs are widely used to represent several distinct dimensions as a single theoretical concept. The utility of multidimensional constructs relative to their dimensions has generated considerable debate, and this debate creates a dilemma for researchers who want the breadth and comprehensiveness of multidimensional constructs and the precision and clarity of their dimensions. To address this dilemma, this article presents an integrative analytical framework that
more » ... multidimensional constructs and their dimensions, using structural equation modeling with latent variables. This framework permits the study of broad questions regarding multidimensional constructs along with specific questions concerning the dimensions of these constructs. The framework also provides tests of issues underlying the multidimensional construct debate, thereby allowing researchers to address these issues on a study-by-study basis. The framework is illustrated using data from studies of the effects of personality on responses to conflict and the effects of work attitudes on employee adaptation.
doi:10.1177/109442810142004 fatcat:ckf2krwjnveive33kjjkvxrgb4