Prevalence and Phylogenetic Analysis of Microsporidium Enterocytozoon bieneusi in Diarrheal Patients

Manman Zang, Jinjin Li, Chun Tang, Songtao Ding, Wei Huang, Qizhong Qin, Handeng Liu
2021 Pathogens  
Enterocytozoon bieneusi can cause severe diarrhea in children and adults. However, in China, there are scant studies on E. bieneusi in diarrheal children and adults, with the exception of prevalence and genotyping data in a small number of cities including Hubei, Shanghai, and Heilongjiang. In this study, 196 fecal samples (n = 132 in Chongqing, n = 44 in Shandong, n = 20 in Hubei) were collected, including 91 from children and 105 from adults. Through microscopic examination, 19 positive
more » ... , 19 positive samples (11 from children and 8 from adults) were detected. Using PCR examination, the internal transcriptional spacer (ITS) region was utilized by nested PCR to detect and characterize E. bieneusi. Twenty positive samples were detected, including 14 from children (≤11 years of age) and 6 from adults. According to the sequence analysis of ITS data, one known zoonotic (D) and seven novel (CQH5-11) genotypes were identified. This is the first molecular epidemiological study of E. bieneusi in diarrheal patients in different regions of China. Therefore, this study can provide useful information for the molecular epidemiology and control of E. bieneusi infection in humans in the future.
doi:10.3390/pathogens10020128 pmid:33513788 fatcat:xbvdohfa5rb4tmdxsswgvyoame