Morphology of gills of the seawater fish Cathorops spixii (Agassiz) (Ariidae) by scanning and transmission electron microscopy

Daura R. Eiras-Stofella, Suzane M. Fank-de-Carvalho
2002 Revista Brasileira de Zoologia  
Gills of the seawater fi sh Cat/w raps spixii (Agassiz, 1829) were submitted to ro uti ne processing for observation in scanning and transmission electron microscopy. The wrinkled surface of the gill filaments showed well-defined cellular ultrastructures. Microridges on cellular surface were projected over all gill structures, including respiratory lamellae. Chloride cells were usually at primary lamellae. Some rod let cells were fo und. Mucous secretory cells were uncommon at all parts of the
more » ... t all parts of the gill arches. The pharyngeal region of the gill arches showed a lot oftaste buds but no spines. There were smal l and strong rakers. Such morphology is indicati ve of fishes that swallow small food but do not have filtering habits. At the ultrastructural level the gills of C. spix ii presented the typical morphological pattern of Teleostei fishes.
doi:10.1590/s0101-81752002000400026 fatcat:kktfjv554rbrxak3u2tqinh5jq