Iron in a Cage: Fixation of a Fe(II)tpy2 Complex by Fourfold Interlinking

T. Brandl, S. Johannsen, D. Häussinger, N. Suryadevara, A. Prescimone, S. Bernhard, M. Gruber, M. Ruben, R. Berndt, M. Mayor
The coordination sphere of the Fe(II) terpyridine complex 1 is rigidified by fourfold interlinking of both terpyridine ligands. Profiting from an octa-aldehyde precursor complex, the ideal dimensions of the interlinking structures are determined by reversible Schiff-base formation, before irreversible Wittig olefination provided the rigidified complex. Reversed-phase HPLC enables the isolation of the all-trans isomer of the Fe(II) terpyridine complex 1, which is fully characterized. While
more » ... erized. While temperature independent low-spin states were recorded with superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) measurements for both, the open precursor 8 and the interlinked complex 1, evidence of the increased rigidity of the ligand sphere in 1 was provided by proton T 2 relaxation NMR experiments. The ligand sphere fixation in the macrocyclized complex 1 even reaches a level resisting substantial deformation upon deposition on an Au (111) surface, as demonstrated by its pristine form in a low temperature ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscope experiment. Supporting information and the ORCID identification number(s) for the author(s) of this article can be found under: https://doi.
doi:10.5445/ir/1000122754 fatcat:egyx4c6twrabjjfxitcw3wufgi