Paraoxonase1 and its relationship with Parkinson's disease

Ali Mota, AliAkbar Taheraghdam, Mohammad Valilo
2019 Brain and Nerves  
This study reviews current understanding of relationship of paraoxonase1 polymorphisms and activity of paraoxonase1 in Parkinson's Disease (PD). Paraoxonase 1 (PON1) is involved in the detoxification of insecticides and pesticides and metabolisms of these toxins. Two polymorphisms within the gene affect the activity of paraoxonase. In One of them a methionine replaces with leucine at position 54 (M54L) and the other a glutamine change to arginine variant at position 192 (Q192R). There are some
more » ... R). There are some evidences show the genetic polymorphisms of PON1 can protect against organophosphates such as paraoxon and diazinon. Results of studies that investigate these associations are controversial. There was no significant association between PON1-1 92Q/R alleles and risk of developing PD and also there is no evidence for an association between PON 1-192 polymorphism and development of PD, however, a study found that the 192R alleles were risk factor for developing PD. These polymorphisms explain only some of the variations in serum PON1 activity; thus, the other critical test of the hypothesis is likely to be whether low serum PON1 activity is associated with Parkinson disease or not. In this review we summarize current knowledge from PON1 association studies regarding the interaction between gene polymorphisms and activity of PON1 with the risk of PD.
doi:10.15761/jbn.1000120 fatcat:5guwn3dyd5azhkfb7psdcwzgfi