Exergy Analysis of Thermo-Fluid Energy Conversion Systems in Model-Based Design Environment

Daniel Bender
2019 Proceedings of The American Modelica Conference 2018, October 9-10, Somberg Conference Center, Cambridge MA, USA   unpublished
Exergy-based analysis has been emerging as a powerful tool for the evaluation of energy intensive systems. Exergy is the maximum theoretical useful work obtainable as the system is brought into complete thermodynamic equilibrium with the thermodynamic environment. Besides the thermodynamic efficiency, both the real thermodynamic value of an energy carrier and the real thermodynamic inefficiencies within a system can be identified. Environmental control systems (ECS) of aircraft as highly
more » ... ft as highly interacting systems are an ideal candidate for exergy-based analysis. The design task on architectural level is currently performed using model-based design methods. However, if such systems are evaluated from an exergetic point of view, the analysis is done subsequent of the model-based simulations using rudimentary tools. This work presents a way how exergy-based methods can be integrated into the model-based design environment of Modelica with focus on generic compatibility.
doi:10.3384/ecp1815456 fatcat:zhysdr2gq5by3gb3vr6kbksm74