Nature versus Human Nature: Exploration in Ecocritical Perspective

Raghavendra Nayak
2015 unpublished
Nature is a foreground of ideological and aesthetic conception, but human nature applications of existential and scientific revolution in every field. Here, In the face of globalization, Nature is more affected. Literature and cinema directs the people to right way and preserve equal justice to the nonhuman world. The subject of both movies is representation of environmental ground matters which is designed the view from the ground up; substances of aesthetically, conceptually, and
more » ... y, and ideologically. The paper explores the relationship of Human and Nature in Pandora and Titanic ship. In Avatar, director was sharing his view that the life of a great tree is more important than the life of the average Concordant. The tree's fate is both a stereotypical for shadowing of the blasting of their hopes soon after and a slightly more subtle anticipation of director's later mutilation. In Titanic, narrative is twisted by the interplay between outer landscape and the storyteller's interior landscape which is mediated by the cultural and geographical landscape. "Our Great Mother does not take sides, Jake. She protects only the Balance of life". (By Neytiri in Avatar). One day I, it was a long summer day, sat under the grain shed; I have told by my Mother, 'Nature protects the balance of life'. A few years later, while I was watching Avatar movie, I was remembering my Mother's words and Neytiri's words are the same. Then, suddenly bare-ideas emerged in my mind and started to think about the 20 th century and the 21 th century milestone movies-Titanic and Avatar. Both of movies are directed by James Cameron. Titanic reveals the strict-unity, the vigor and majesty of culture which have obvious appeal. In Avatar, Director has handled momentous diplomatic challenges with toot and finesse. Literature to cinema aims at to demonstration of images, symbols and mediation between man and nature. Cinema is an acknowledgement of the beauty of the universe. It is more sincere and indirect. I can hopefully say that Cameron's creativity is spellbound and genuine task. Creativity is connecting of deep