Regulation of the phase-structural composition and metastability of austenite by alloying elements and parameters of tempering for increase wear-resistance of Fe-Cr-Mn deposited steel

Yan Cheylyakh
2018 Ukrainian Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science  
It is shown that under the influence of alloying (Cr, Mn, C, Si, Ti, N, V) during electric arc hardfacing with a flux cored wire, as well as technological tempering parameters at temperatures of 300-700 °C, the phase-structural composition of the cost-saving alloyed deposited steel (from 0 to 75 % quenching martensite and austenite), the degree of metastability of austenite are regulated. At optimal parameters of alloying and tempering, an increased wear resistance is achieved due to the
more » ... ment of the deformation induced martensite γ→α' transformation of austenite during the wear process, which causes the effect of self-strengthening during testing and operation. This is an important advantage of the developed metastable deposited steel before the deformation-stable metal.
doi:10.23939/ujmems2018.01.003 fatcat:4q26dnx22jhhdawsjddbx6bcgq