Non-vanishing cosmological constant Λ, phase transitions, and Λ-dependence of high energy processes

Freydoon Mansouri
2002 Physics Letters B  
It is pointed out that a collider experiment involves a local contribution to the energy-momentum tensor, a circumstance which not a common feature of the current state of the Universe at large characterized by the cosmological constant $\Lambda_0$. This contribution may be viewed as a change in the structure of space-time from its large scale form governed by $\Lambda_0$ to one governed by a $\Lambda$ peculiar to the scale of the experiment. Possible consequences of this effect are explored by
more » ... ect are explored by exploiting the asymptotic symmetry of space-time for non-vanishing $\Lambda$ and its relation to vacuum energy.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(02)02022-1 fatcat:4o4d2kkp4bhvpnvnycekfkgqea