Production of monoclonal antibody to subtype 9 of Neisseria meningitidis and the distribution of this subtype in Brazil

Elza F.T. Belo, Ligia M.C.C. Coutinho, Aline S. Ferraz, Elizabeth N. De Gaspari
2004 Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases  
A new monoclonal antibody (5F81A4P1.9), which is specific for subtype 9 antigen of meningococci, was studied. The antibodies were raised against a previously non-typable (NT) serogroup B strain from Brazilian patients and were found to react with the subtype antigen of prototype reference strains for subtype 9 (M982), as well as with those of homologous strains. The subtype 9 epitope was found in 6.8% of serogroup B strains among 602 strains of Neisseria meningitidis case isolates, including
more » ... lates, including representative isolates from Brazilian states. Subtype P1.9 was predominantly related to serogroup B in Brazil among the isolates collected during the N. meningitidis epidemic in 1992. No significant differences were observed in the occurrence of subtype P1.9 among strains isolated from several Brazilian states. Fluorescence-activated cellsorter analysis showed that 5F81A4 MAb recognized a 46 kDa protein on the surface of a homologous strain of N. meningitidis (B:4:P1.9). These results, in association with a bactericidal activity assay for 5F81A4, and with experimental passive protection in mice, demonstrated the importance of subtype 9 class 1 proteins of N meningitidis in Brazil. Serotyping is essential for the development of vaccination strategies.
doi:10.1590/s1413-86702004000600004 pmid:15880231 fatcat:qiydqxsrqfck3fblt4xyrkphvy