Iterative Methods for Total Variation Denoising

C. R. Vogel, M. E. Oman
1996 SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing  
Total Variation (TV) methods are very e ective for recovering \blocky", possibly discontinuous, images from noisy data. A xed point algorithm for minimizing a TV-penalized least squares functional is presented and compared with existing minimization schemes. A variant of the cell-centered nite di erence multigrid method of Ewing and Shen is implemented for solving the (large, sparse) linear subproblems. Numerical results are presented for one-and two-dimensional examples; in particular, the
more » ... rithm is applied to actual data obtained from confocal microscopy.
doi:10.1137/0917016 fatcat:3s4jxje7tjb4fcqq72nncglljy